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Activate Your Senses,

100% Honduran Coffee

Truly Great Coffee
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CéCafé Coffee is sourced exclusively in Honduras. Our beans are picked by hand by local farmers and dried under the sun to produce an incredible coffee roast. 


Our Arabica beans offer an amazing gourmet coffee with lower acidity, a rich chocolate and
hazelnut aroma and a smooth, luxurious flavor. The taste is so smooth, you won’t need as much
sugar or creamer to enjoy an incredible cup of coffee. Your senses will be activated with the first sip!!

CeCafe Coffee Bean Picking
CeCafe Products 

Our 100% Arabica coffee line grown in Honduras includes medium, dark and espresso roast in whole bean or ground options, plus additional coffee-inspired products. 


For a coffee boost on the go, enjoy a few chocolate-covered coffee beans (“choco-beans”). Alternatively, you can add an extra punch to your oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream or favorite dessert with our unique and delicious coffee glaze. To enjoy the incredible aroma of our Honduran coffee without any caffeine, use our coffee-infused shampoo and conditioner line.  

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Community Impact

CéCafé Coffee strives to honor Ercilia Cruz as a productive brand that makes a positive impact in the community. 


Our careful sourcing of our Arabica coffee beans ensures respect for the environment and the wildlife that inhabits the area. A portion of all proceeds support two important initiatives: scholarships for students pursuing post-graduate work in Honduras and in the U.S., and support for NGOs that teach recycling and sustainability in Honduras.

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